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Junetide Letter

Dear Author Lucky Enough to Receive Me as a Recip:

:)) You are in fact lucky, as I am incredibly hard to displease.

Hold out your hand, sprinkle a dash of earth, of sea, of wind-- now add a bit of physicality, a little bit of intelligence, a few quirky habits, a shit ton of insecurities and faults, give them a voice, a distinctive voice with opinions and beliefs; then finally, breath a goal into them.

Repeat as needed.

Great, now you have all you need to tell me a story.


The rest is gravy.

Need some ideas?

♠ Road Trip story

Something about these lyrics just intrigue me even if it is Matchbox 20--what? Don't judge!.

Just three miles from the rest stop
And she slams on the breaks
She said - while you were sleeping
I was listening to the radio
And wondering what you're dreaming when
It came to mind that I didn't care

Basically, awkwardness and conflict (whether romantically or not) would be golden.

♠ Epistolary story

Where all we know of the characters are in their letters to each other, what they choose to talk about, what they choose to avoid. Could be long distance lovers, penpals, parent and child...perfect strangers that just happened to find each other. Whatever.

Point in reference, my two fave epistolary stories are "Ella Minnow Pea" and the trilogy about "Griffin and Sabine"

Basically, what I want is you to take this experimental style of storytelling and just run with it! Have fun! Surprise yourself and delight me.

♠ Location as Character
~ Something steeped in locale (whatever locale you're comfortable and knowledgeable about) I'd like it to read like two local barflies at your corner pub telling tales, maybe even with flashbacks and whatnot. I want to FEEL the location, SEE the patrons, the rings on the bar from years of glasses' condensation seeping in-- all of it.

Hmmmm, not sure how to better articulate this one. I guess what I want the story to focus on is the surroundings and senses. How does where they are influence what they're experiencing? What do the characters see? Smell? What tastes do they experience, what do things feel like to them? How does all of this influence them and their relations with others?

♠ Humor
~ None of those float your boat? How about something funny. Some sort of mix up, some bit of absurdity and out of the realm of possibility shenanigans? A story told in nothing but dialogue (I love, love, LOVE dialogue!) Again, experiment, let your fun flag fly. I love stories that read like they were really fun to write.

IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST: Sorry, I'm not as good as helping your muse as I am in the storytellers. I guess take what I've given to the writers and tweak it to tell the story visually rather then textually. I'm a sucker for STORY however told. I also really like details and things having many interpretations.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON WHAT I LIKE, DON'T LIKE OR IF YOU'D LIKE TO CONSULT WITH A EXPERT, PLEASE CONTACT [personal profile] redsnake05 She's as close to an expert on what I like and what icks me then anyone in the world. ♥


Your Excited Recip [personal profile] tamela_j

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