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I am so lucky that I don’t depend on my ability to blog to sustain my livelihood or anything. I’d be screwed.

Well, maybe not, as seeing as how most of the reasons I don’t get to it more often is because I’m doing other things that take care of the pesky bills and the whole roof over the head and food in the belly thing. Could you imagine if blogging or, better yet, writing did all those things. *drifts off*

I’m sorry, where was I? Oh yeah.

Novel Updates:

☆ I was just reminded that it had been a long time since I flailed around about the first round of edits coming back to me and all the crazy amounts of work required. All in all, it took me about 2 ½ months to delete every repetition, fix every comma and fill every gaping plot hole. I’m really happy with a lot of the new direction these deletions and additions has taken the story. There are a few things that I think I might have actually made murkier, and a few things that I’m not sure I handled adequately at all.

But hey, that’s what round two edits are for, yeah?

☆ The release date has been moved back from Nov/Dec. 2012 to March 2013. There are a lot of really good, valid reasons for this having to do with marketing and all that rigamarole so I’m happy about the extra time. I’ve found that now that I know that it’s honest to goodness getting published, I find that I’m a lot more patient for the actualities of it. Thankfully, as stated before, it’s not like I’m counting on this book for shelter or sustenance, so it’s all good!

☆ Just got back from a visit to family and traveling on a lot of the same roads the novel takes place in. It’s funny, I lived in these places for the first quarter century of my life, but now, when I go back to visit, it is very often not my memories that wash over me, rather the parts of the story. None more so than the Cascade Mountains that stretches along Rt 2 in Western Washington. It was a place that I dreamed of while living in the drier, flatter parts of Washington. Living between two ginormous ranges (Cascade and Rocky) I often dreamed of mountains. Sometimes these dreams worked their way into my writing. And sometimes, these dreams look spookily like reality.

Tim found a small hamlet deep in the mountains called Skykomish. It seemed like a ghost town that only came to life seasonally. The only retail store on the main street was a ski shop and a wild-water rafting supply store.

--From These Ashes

And this is what I found:

Spooky, right? I love when stuff like that happens.

☆ Also while visiting family, I roped my sister-- the photographer-- to take me out into the mountains and take some new author shots. I’m super excited about this! (Well, as excited as a person who hates pictures of themselves on principle can be.) I will share them with you next time. I warn promise.

☆ Finally, not really an update, purely just for funsies, I wordled the novel.

Hmmmmm, guess who this book is about? :))

Oh wait, one last thing not having anything to do with the novel. I just want to apologize once again for any of you following me on Twitter. I got hacked and it was of course the one weekend I was away from the internet and there was nothing I could do. It’s all fixed now if you’d rightfully fled during that time and would like to add me back @tamela_j I promise to be just as ridiculous and off topic as ever! :)) Also, if you’re looking for a less spammy Tamela, then by all means, Facebook like me, or whatever that’s called!

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