March 7th, 2015

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Call for Submissions

New Publisher needs stories. Their erotica imprint is desperate for them too!

Golden Fleece Press is a new, inventive press... well, let's hear it from them:

Golden Fleece Press is a publisher of exemplary, amazing stories across all genres and subjects, about all kinds of people. We love stories. We love the quirky, and the fantastic, and the weird. We love subtle stories, and stories about every-day people who do extraordinary things on some Tuesday in March. We love stories that show us the wonder of the human condition, and how to find the best in ourselves. That transport us to far away worlds and ancient times.

They publish novels and short story anthologies (the anthologies are mostly for the children/teen market) along with a series of nonfiction books about FANDOM!

That is why I am here (that and the smutty bit that I'll get to in a minute) ;)

FANDOM UNIVERSE is looking for STAR WARS pieces.

For Essays:
Tell us about how you met your significant other in line for the midnight release. Or how a character’s struggle to save the galaxy helped you get through your freshman year of college. Tell us how fandom has impacted your life.

For Poems and Artwork:
We understand intellectual property is a minefield, and ‘transformative works’ doesn’t help all that much. This is a for-publication work and we cannot accept fanfic or anything featuring the likeness of Trademarked characters, logos, or related indicia. For a discussion about what constitutes fair use, this is a good article to start with

Other Options:
If writing fiction is more your thing tell us a story. Maybe about a man’s slow descent into madness leaving him convinced he was Han Solo... or the like.

We are accepting essay, appropriate short fiction, and art submissions for The Fandom Universe: A Galaxy Far Far Away.

Release date for this collection is MAY THE FOURTH, so HURRY!!!

Upcoming fandoms:

Harry Potter
Star Trek
Doctor Who
And many more...

They also have an erotica imprint By Passion Shorn

We want quality, well written smut. Any genre, any subject, any pairing. We aren’t fans of censorship, but there are some ground-rules.

Check site for those rules.


*I am not affiliated with this company. I do know them though and can recommend them. Their new and small but have a lot of great ideas.

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