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28 March
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“There’s this beautiful nostalgic feeling about America – both the land and the people – in her work. The open road, traveling, and a search for self are huge themes in Ritter’s writing.”
—A.J. O’Connell author of “Beware the Hawk”

From These Ashes

Release Date: March 12, 2013

Publisher: Battered Suitcase

Summary: Growing up on the Montana reservation was not easy for Naomi West who only longed for her mother’s love, or for her half-white brother Tim, who only longed for the tribe’s acceptance.

After their mother, Virginia returns from yet another court-ordered rehab stint a changed woman, it could be their families redemption or their destruction. Virginia moves the family to “The Way” compound were they are marked as special by the charismatic leader Malachi and his followers.

When Naomi is told her prophesied role in the family, she knows it is a sacrifice she cannot make and urges her brother to leave with her. He is torn between finally belonging, and being the brother he’d always been to the only person who had ever loved him unconditionally.

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